“Each of us was so profoundly moved by that afternoon and that lovely, rich nectar of your poetry and Charlie’s instrumentals was just one of the most moving experiences I’ve had.  Your delivery and obvious link with nature was both beautiful and inspiring.  Joanne said later “That was what I always hoped church would be like”.
Ed and Joanne — Easthampton, MA

“Your performances were so rich, nuanced and almost blissful at times, we fell under your spell in moments. It is a beautiful collaboration. I am very sure that many would appreciate it and feel as uplifted both during and after it. I hope that it does evolve into more performances for both you and Charlie as well as future lucky audiences!”
Joanne O’Neil, author The Art of Presence

“…thank you for the wonderfully nourishing and inspiring evening you offered this last Sunday. Danny’s choice of poetry … and his own poetry … and the beautiful quality of reader that he is … was such a gift… sliding from chant to guitar sound to inspired reading into silence and again the harmonium rises in the breath of another incantation. So exquisite!” — Debbie

“I loved the poetry reading and maybe even especially your friend’s singing voice added another whole dimension to the singing…I swear it sounded like a choir of angels at some points when you were all singing! Fantastic!” — Loretta