Lotus Seed Poem: 31

I am a servant of the Divine Thief.
I can’t tell you how happy I am
To be doing this work, and yet
There really isn’t much for me to do.
I sit silently with Him in His room
As he reclines on his pallet,
Knees crossed, right hand behind his head,
Completely relaxed, humming,
Sweetly humming.

Outside there’s a line of souls
As long as time, each one
Carrying the weight of a petition
For money, love, prestige
And many who long only to
Gaze into the face of God.
As they pass by and without their knowing
He picks the pockets of their hearts
And finds the sacred objects
Of their deepest wish.
At night when everyone goes home
He gives them all to me,
Instructing me to set each one ablaze
And I do.

In this way the heavens are illumined,
New universes are created
And no one is forgotten
As each flame uniquely adorns
The radiant garment of God.